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Apply for the Citi Premier® card: learn how!

If you want the most versatile travel card, you should apply for Citi Premier®. We'll show you the step-by-step here.


The Citi Premier® Card: The ultimate card for both travel and everyday use.

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If you’re passionate about travel and enjoy being rewarded, applying for the Citi Premier® card is a smart choice. This card offers excellent point earning potential on every purchase and the option to exchange them with top airlines.

Moreover, the welcome bonus alone can surpass the annual fee in terms of potential value. Maximizing the benefits is a priority for every credit cardholder, and this card provides the flexibility to redeem points according to your preferences.

Applying for the Citi Premier® card is a straightforward process, and we’re here to guide you through it. Keep reading, as you’re just moments away from obtaining your dream card.


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Citi Premier®

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The best travel rewards credit card also for everyday use.

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Apply online

Applying for the Citi Premier® card online is a breeze. However, it’s important to review the eligibility requirements beforehand. As this is a prestigious card, having a good credit score is recommended, preferably 690 or higher.

Visit the Citi Bank website and navigate to the Citi Premier® page. There, you’ll easily locate the “apply now” button, which will redirect you to the application form.

Be attentive when filling out the form, as it will require typical personal information such as your full name, address, email, and phone number. Additionally, you’ll be asked for financial details, including your Social Security Number, annual income, and whether you pay rent or have a mortgage.

Once you’ve submitted your application, Citi will carefully review it and contact you if it is approved.

Apply using the app

While Citi Bank offers an app for cardholders to manage their accounts, it does not provide the option to apply for a credit card through the app. To apply for a credit card, you would need to visit the Citi Bank website or utilize other available application methods.

What about a similar card?

If you’re interested in exploring an alternative option, the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Credit Card is highly comparable to the Citi Premier® Card. Both cards carry a $95 annual fee and provide travel benefits alongside everyday perks.

To delve deeper into the features of the Sapphire Preferred® and compare them with the Citi Premier®, click on the link below. We’ll also guide you through the online application process for your convenience.

How to apply for Chase Sapphire Preferred® Credit?

Discover how simple it is to apply for the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card online and begin earning rewards immediately!

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