Home Trust Secured Visa Credit Card Review: The Category Champion

There are no more excuses. Start your financial life makeover by reading this article. It provides every crucial detail about the Home Trust Secured Visa Credit Card.


Home Trust Secured Visa Credit Card: Elevate your financial game

Home trust visa secured credit card
This colorful card can be your financial friend: see the full review. Source: The Money Best.

The Home Trust Secured Visa Credit Card is a beacon of hope for many in the world of credit rebuilding and management. Offering a pragmatic approach to credit building.

For those looking to navigate the path to a healthier credit score, the Home Trust Secured Visa Credit Card is a pivotal tool in their financial toolkit. Combines security with flexibility.

What’s great about this credit card 😍… but this could be better 👎
No Annual Fee OptionInterest Rates
Credit Building PotentialSecurity Deposit Required
Flexible Credit LimitNo Rewards
Global AcceptanceLimited by Deposit

It’s no coincidence that the Home Trust Secured Visa Credit Card has been named the best-secured card for three straight years. It truly delivers on your needs.

Plus, you’ll have a beautiful card to call your own. Even its design is crafted to bring joy to your daily life and shopping experiences. Rebuild your credit while keeping it stylish!

Know the card’s features: Nice to meet you, Home Trust Secured Visa Credit Card!

Home trust visa secured credit card
Learn more about the Home Trust Secured Visa Credit Card. Source: Canva Pro.

Since 1977, Home Trust has dedicated itself to improving the financial lives of Canadians through innovative financial tools. The Home Trust Secured Visa Credit Card is a prime example of this commitment.

This card offers a practical solution for those aiming to build or rebuild their credit history. It serves a crucial function in many people’s financial journeys, providing a means to strengthen credit scores, which can significantly impact one’s ability to access financial opportunities.

Importantly, it achieves this without imposing any annual fees on its users. This is because the Home Trust Secured Visa Credit Card is designed to foster your credit growth without the burden of an annual maintenance fee.

For those interested in exploring further details about this card, we encourage you to check out the following table for more comprehensive information.

This will give you a clearer picture of how the Home Trust Secured Visa Credit Card can fit into your financial strategy and help you achieve your credit goals.

Credit score range to get this cardRecommended credit score of 300 or more
What’s the card’s APR?The card offers a purchase and cash advance interest rate of 19.99%. However, you can opt for a lower interest rate of 14.90% by paying an annual fee of $59​​​​.
Does it charge an annual fee?The standard option does not charge an annual fee, which is a significant advantage for cardholders looking to build credit without additional costs.
And what about rewards?The Home Trust Secured Visa does not offer rewards or cash back.
Is there any bonus for new cardholders?Currently, there is no welcome bonus or promotional offer for new cardholders​​.

Home Trust Secured Visa Credit Card pros VS cons: Unlock the benefits, avoid the traps

Home trust visa secured credit card
Check the pros and cons to see if this card suits your needs. Source: Canva Pro.

The Home Trust Secured Visa Credit Card offers a pathway for Canadians to build or rebuild their credit history.

By requiring a security deposit as collateral, this card becomes accessible to those with low or no credit, providing an opportunity to establish a positive credit score through responsible use.

Oh, the grand adventure of the Home Trust Secured Visa Credit Card, eh? It’s like the great Canadian road trip for your wallet – full of sights, sounds, and a few bumps along the way.

The best side of it:

  • 🟢 No Annual Fee Option: Like enjoying the great outdoors without the park fees. You get all the perks with none of the financial bites.
  • 🟢 Credit Building: It is like adding layers to your winter gear. Every payment is another layer of financial warmth, boosting your credit score so you’re cozy when you need a loan.
  • 🟢 Flexible Credit Limit: Your credit limit moves with your deposit, sort of like how your belt adjusts after a big Thanksgiving dinner.
  • 🟢 Low Interest Rate Available: For the modest price of $59, your APR will drop to a cool 14.90%, faster than the temperature in October.
  • 🟢 Global Acceptance: This card is more widely accepted than apologies at a Canadian grocery store bump-in. It is ideal for travel or online shopping sprees.

But keep an eye on these details:

  • 🔴 High Interest Rate for No Fee Option: Sitting at 19.99%, this rate can climb like a raccoon up a Toronto condo if you’re not careful.
  • 🔴 Required Security Deposit: You’ll need to fork over anywhere from $500 to $10,000, which might be a steep hill for some. It’s like the cover charge at the club – no pay, no play.
  • 🔴 Lack of Rewards: This card’s more about the journey than the destination, offering zero rewards or cash back. It’s the scenic route, not the expressway.
  • 🔴 Limited by Deposit: Your spending power is tied to your deposit, making this more of a canoe trip than a cruise liner in terms of financial flexibility.
  • 🔴 No Quebec Residents: Sadly, our friends in Quebec are left out in the cold on this one, as this credit card plays more like a regional hockey league than the NHL.

Requirements to apply for the Home Trust Secured Visa Credit Card: credit score and more

Home trust visa secured credit card
Are you eligible? Learn how to apply for this secured credit card. Source: Canva Pro.

As with all good things in life, obtaining your Home Trust Secured Visa Credit Card requires meeting certain criteria. Let’s take a look at the essential requirements together.

  • Minimum Age: This must be the age of the majority in your province or territory.
  • Residency: Open to Canadian residents.
  • Security Deposit: A deposit is required to secure the credit limit.
  • Credit Score: Designed for individuals looking to build or rebuild their credit, so stringent credit score requirements may be more flexible.
  • Income Verification: This may require proof of income or employment status.
  • Bankruptcy Status: Applicants should not be in the process of bankruptcy.

Say “yes” to the card: How to apply for the Home Trust Secured Visa Credit Card 

Applying for the Home Trust Secured Visa Credit Card is straightforward. You need to be a permanent Canadian resident of legal age in your province, not in bankruptcy, and able to provide a security deposit from a Canadian account in your name.

Unfortunately, residents of Quebec are not eligible. The application can be quickly completed online, making it convenient to start improving your credit from anywhere in Canada​​.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find an option to submit your application through the Home Trust mobile app. The request will need to be made through the official website instead. The following link will take you to it.


Credit Card

Home Trust Secured


Get your secured credit card with no fees: Home Trust!

You will be redirected to another website

Not ready to say yes? Give it a chance to the Neo Secured Credit Card

Are you not ready to commit to the Home Trust Secured Visa Credit Card? Consider the Neo Secured Credit Card as an alternative.

Both cards aim to help Canadians build or rebuild their credit scores, but they offer different benefits and terms. The Neo Secured Credit Card might have distinct features or rewards that could better suit your financial goals.

Check out the complete review of the Neo Secured Credit Card for a detailed comparison and to see if it more closely aligns with your needs.


Neo Secured Credit Card

The Neo Secured Credit Card accepts everyone – including you. With this credit-building tool, anything goes! Check the full review.

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