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Great! Applying for this card is easy, and it provides an opportunity to improve your credit score.

Experience the security and convenience of a MasterCard Card while rebuilding your credit with the First Digital NextGen Card.


Looking for a secure and hassle-free payment method? Look no further than the Digital NextGen Card. This card provides customers with a convenient and safe way to make online purchases, free from worries about fraud. Even if you have bad or poor credit, you can easily apply for this card through the First Digital Card Mobile App and receive a quick response.


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Enjoy the benefits of a MasterCard credit card, including enhanced security features. Check out the four amazing benefits offered by this credit card below!

Effortlessly manage your finances through the First Digital Card Mobile App.
Access a widely accepted MasterCard Credit Card across the nation.
Apply conveniently and securely online with a response in 60 seconds.
Achieve approval even with bad or poor credit.

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Yes, it does! Your account activity with the First Digital NextGen Credit Card is reported to major credit bureaus such as Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. By using your credit card responsibly and making timely payments, you can effectively improve your credit score.

Absolutely! The First Digital NextGen Credit Card comes with several benefits: Zero Liability Protection: You are fully covered against unauthorized purchases, ensuring you won’t be held liable for any fraudulent or unauthorized card usage. ID Theft Protection: Advanced monitoring and detection technology keeps an eye on the dark web, notifying you of any suspicious activity involving your personal information.

No, a security deposit is not required for the First Digital NextGen Credit Card. You simply need to meet the minimum application requirements, including income and credit score. Once approved, you can start enjoying all the benefits this credit card has to offer!

The First Digital NextGen Mastercard can be a stepping stone to better credit, offering easier approval odds and the ability to build your credit score.

However, consider the annual and program fees, which can be a significant cost upfront.

Additionally, the interest rate is on the higher side. If you’re aiming to build credit responsibly, this card might be an option.

But before you apply, head over to our full review to see a complete breakdown of the pros, cons, and whether the First Digital NextGen Mastercard is the right fit for you!

First Digital NextGen Card

Take a look: how to apply now!

Do you want an another recommendation?

Check the Total Visa credit card if you’re unsure about the First Digital NextGen Mastercard. Here’s a quick comparison.

While both cater to building credit with easier approvals, the First Digital Mastercard boasts wider acceptance through the Mastercard network.

However, the Total Visa might surprise you with a lack of a program fee, though it still carries an annual fee. Both cards come with high interest rates, so responsible credit management is key.

Unsure which card is the better fit? Head over to our full Total Visa review for a deeper dive into its features, fees, and if it aligns with your credit-building goals!

Total Visa

Earn 1% cash back on purchases and build credit! No Annual Fee

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