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Review of the First Access® credit card

First Access brings many advantages day after day. Keep reading if you want to know more about it and understand how it works. We will talk about the pros and cons of the card.


Ever wondered how to get a credit card for a bad score? Meet the First Access Visa!

It is normal throughout life to have already made mistakes or had problems with credit. First Access Visa understands this and wants to come with the premise of offering a second chance to this type of user. That’s why we came to bring you a complete review of this credit card.

First Access Visa card

See how to apply for your First Acces Visa Card!

We want you to have access to this excellent card, which, in addition to not requiring a security deposit, offers an excellent credit limit and unique opportunities to start rebuilding your credit history. It can be a real help and even a way to get other credit cards later.

Want to know more and understand the pros and cons of this credit card? Read our in-depth First Access Visa review now!

Advantages of the First Access Visa Credit Card

The first thing to study before getting any type of credit is the advantages. They will dictate whether it is worth getting such a credit card. And that’s why we brought the most important ones for you to consider:

  • It is very easy to be approved for this credit. As previously mentioned, this is a credit card made especially for those who want to rebuild their reputation in the financial market. That is, it does not matter your credit history, but what you will do from now on.
  • Perfect for those with no credit history. There is another strand of people who are usually interested in the First Access card. These are the people who don’t even have a credit history! It’s also easy to approve for this group of people.
  • Initial limit of $300 for all applicants. If you are looking for a fair credit limit, First Access Visa offers that too. To be honest, it’s not the best limit in the world, we know that. However, for anyone with a low credit score it’s an excellent start!
  • No security deposit required. We couldn’t help mentioning this. The First Access credit card does not require a security deposit, which is yet another facilitator. And there is also another explanation why the limit is not high!


$0 monthly fees and cash advance fee for the first 12 months

$75 year one $48 thereafter



Disadvantages of the Credit Card First Access Visa

Like all types of credit, First Access also has some disadvantages that can be quite bad when applying for the card. As we do a sincere and complete review, we will quote them one by one for you (and without softening!).

The fees are really high and this deserves its own thread

Usually we don’t mention the downsides in their own threads here at The Money Best. However, the fees for this card involve a lot of explaining.

The first thing you should consider is the fact that they offer a bad credit card (which in itself raises the fees). Also don’t forget about the security deposit waiver! See the main fees:

  • You will need to pay $95 once you open your account (even upon approval).
  • The annual fee is $75, which must be paid in the first year (you will pay $48 every year thereafter).
  • Monthly you will have to pay $8.25 account maintenance.
  • There is still a fee if you want to increase your limit by 20% on top of that increase.

Let’s go to the real point. As soon as you create this card you are faced with $170 in fees, that’s a lot! I know it’s a credit card for people with no history, but it’s still a little more than necessary.

The APR is also high. I sincerely recommend that you opt for a secure card if you have the option to do so. This way you will get lower rates. But if you have a very bad score, this may still be a good idea.

Know how to request the First Access Visa credit card

If, despite everything we have presented, you are still interested in this credit card, we have good news! On the next page, check out how to apply online without having to travel. Check it out by clicking the button below!

First Access Visa card

See how to apply for your First Acces Visa Card!

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