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See how to request the Fortiva Mastercard® Credit Card

If you've already seen all the information in our review about the Fortiva Mastercard credit card, it's time to learn how to apply once and for all. Keep reading and see how to do it!


Learn how to order your Fortiva Mastercard, the ideal unsecured card for low scorers

In this article, we are going to tell you a very simple step-by-step for you to learn once and for all how to apply for your Fortiva Mastercard credit card. After all, no one deserves to depend on credit cards that require an initial guarantee and do not offer many advantages to users anymore.


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In addition, this card is very sought after precisely because of the fact that it is easy to accept. Even for people who don’t have a very high credit score. For as we know, many financial institutions do a very extensive credit score check. And this does not represent a good opportunity for those who do not have a very established financial life.

Therefore, throughout this article you will discover how to order your card completely online. In addition to also understanding whether the card is really worth it for those who want to order immediately.

How to order your card?

How now, do you already know what are the requirements for ordering this card? You’re probably interested in ordering yours right away, aren’t you? And we are going to tell you the first big advantage in this case that you can request a pre-approval through an offer by email and it works as follows: through the email of the financial institution responsible for administering the card, you will send an offer with your data.

This way, they will respond to you with a pre-approval. In that case, it is important to know that you will be able to access the chances of approval and this will not affect your credit score. And after reaching out via email, you can get immediate approval or even rejection. Because your situation will be analyzed and, if the bank considers it unfounded, it will not approve your request.

Therefore, you can make the request directly through the website as well and just fill out a form with the necessary information. In this way, after duly filling out this form to your request, it will undergo an analysis and, in case of approval, you will have the answer given in your e-mail and you will receive your card at the registered address. That is, if your request is approved, you will receive your card and simply unlock it to start using it and enjoy all the advantages it offers.

Is the Fortiva Mastercard credit card worth it?

Now we come to the crucial moment of our article, we will tell you whether this card is worth it. However, first of all, it is important to point out that we are not affiliated nor have any agreements with this credit card company. For this reason, the opinion that we will give here is completely unbiased, sincere and honest, based on the advantages and disadvantages that the credit card presents.

Therefore, you need to know that card interest rates, if they are all compared together, can become a bad option in the long run. This means that as much as the bank does not require a security deposit and attracts many people who have a very low credit score, this card in the long term can represent a high charge of fees and fees.

By this we mean that in case you have the ability to make an initial security deposit. And if you have an average or good credit score, you can find other credit cards that offer more perks and lower fees. Like for example, some other similar credit cards that don’t charge annual fees. What does not occur in the case of stealth Mastercard. Which initially charges an annual fee of 49 to 175 USD for the first year of use.

In addition, of course, account maintenance, which costs from 60 to 159 USD per year. And that represents a very high amount, if at all. With this, we can conclude that, if you have the financial capacity to pay the fees for this card, know that if you evaluate other options, you will be able to opt for a secure credit card through a deposit and that offers more benefits and lower fees.

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