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Finally, you know everything you need to know about Credible after reading the last two articles, but one final questions remains: how will you finally apply for a loan? Well, definitely not with Credible, since Credible is not a loan company, but instead a company that offers loan companies.




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Is it really hard to understand? It’s okay, maybe I’m just bad at explaining, which it isn’t your fault. Basically, Credible is what you call a student loan marketplace, and no, not a marketplace where you buy clothes or other stuff, but a marketplace where you can actually find different companies that are offering different student loans, just for you!

Those loans won’t be “just for you”, it will be for everyone who applies actually, but if we are talking about you, then I am sure you will get one! You will probably be able to get one, since there are so many companies to choose from which only makes it possible to have multiple offers, which will lead to you having at least one loan offer, well, at least I hope so. But it isn’t important right now, the thing you are here for is to know how to use the website right? Then let’s start our tutorial.

How can I search for a loan with Credible

Now let’s start the tutorial! The first thing, and the easiest one to do, is to search for Credible’s website. When you get to the initial page, you can start looking for the companies, but before that you will need to fill a form about your education history and monetary situation, and also the total amount you will be asking for, and after that you will need to create an account with Credible (this, of course, won’t impact your credit score, since Credible has a no hard credit check policy).

After that you will be able to see a bunch of different offers, well, the number of offers will depend on your information and credit score, so don’t be sad if you didn’t get a lot of them, be happy you at least got some. You can use a filter to adjust your options, so it is easier to find your favorite. Also, don’t forget to search about the companies that will be offering you a loan, since it is very dangerous to just choose one without seeing its con and pros, even if the company is good, look for it first.

Now the only thing left is to choose! If you have found your dream loan, then you must click on it and choose if you wish to get a cosigner with you. Then you will need to fill the normal stuff, like name, birthday, city, state, all that kind of personal data, then you must choose the payment method and apply. Now you just need to wait for the company to contact you.

How can I contact with Credible?

If you wish to contact Credible, you will need to go to their official page, scroll all the way down, and only then you will find a “contact us” button. Click on it, and you will see all their contact information available.

Is this company actually good?

After writing three articles about a company, it is always hard to say it is awful, and you should never even look at their name, luckily, this isn’t the case. Credible has its ups and downs, like any other company or place, but still, it is a huge advantage when you wish to find for student loans, and you know how hard it is to find the right company, so, even if you despise the cons this company has, I still recommend you to try it out, it has a lot of benefits and it will definitely outshine the cons!

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