Build your best credit score with the best credit cards in Canada!

In this article, we've rounded up the best credit cards to build credit in Canada, providing a solid starting point to select the right tool to achieve the credit score you deserve.


A guide to the Best Credit Cards for Canadians with not-so-good credit scores

best credit cards to build credit canada
Here is your guide for building a credit score with the best credit cards. Source: Canva Pro.

Here’s a list that’s truly worth your time: the best credit cards to build credit in Canada. Knowing your battle is one thing, but choosing the right weapon to face it is crucial.

We’re all on this journey, navigating our lifestyle and how things work. Achieving a respectable credit score is a key part of living well. There’s no point in avoiding reality.

Understanding what digital and traditional banks offer is essential. This guide contains only the best, so you won’t waste time discovering cards that don’t measure up.

Read through our article to the end, jot down the top names, and decide which card fits best with your financial life.

Why is it important to build a credit score with the best credit cards in Canada?

It’s no secret that having a good or excellent credit score can bring a host of significant advantages to your financial life. Our intention here isn’t to fill you with common sense.

But as obvious as it may seem, it’s always good to remind the new sailors of how treacherous the sea can be without a worthy score. More than just a life raft, it’s a motorboat!

First and foremost, a good credit score can make it easier to obtain loans and financing with lower interest rates. And that’s just the tip of a massive good iceberg that emerges for you.

Moreover, a good credit score can help you obtain credit cards with higher limits and better benefits, such as reward programs and cashback. Doors open, and the past is left behind!

However, perhaps an important symbolism about having a credit score in green is the personal redemption and emotional and psychological comfort of having this tool at your disposal.

It can also protect you and your family with lower premiums and more comprehensive insurance coverage. This applies to auto, home, and life insurance!

In short, cultivating and maintaining a good credit score is powerful for achieving financial stability and significant opportunities along your journey.

How to choose a credit card to build credit: relevant factors to consider

best credit cards to build credit canada
A credit card can be your best friend.. or your enemy! Choose wisely. Source: Canva Pro.

At this pivotal moment in your financial journey, as you consider building credit and improving your history through choosing a credit card, it’s crucial to pay attention to several key aspects. Here are some key points to consider:

1. Interest rate

Check the credit card’s interest rate. If you’re starting to build credit or have a less favorable credit history, getting a card with low interest rates might be challenging.

However, that doesn’t mean you’re left with only the dregs. It’s important to choose a card with competitive rates and understand how interest works, especially if there’s a possibility of carrying a balance.

2. Security deposit

Some credit cards are designed for people with limited or poor credit and may require a security deposit. This deposit typically sets the card’s credit limit.

Opting for a card with a security deposit can be an effective way to build credit, but be sure to understand the terms and conditions associated with the deposit and how it will be refunded. It might not be the most glamorous thing in the world, but it works well!

3. Rewards and benefits

Some credit cards offer rewards programs, such as cashback, air miles, or points that can be redeemed for goods or services. These benefits can be advantageous if you use the card responsibly and don’t accumulate debt just to earn rewards.

When choosing a card with rewards, ensure the benefits align with your spending habits and preferences.

4. Fees and charges

In addition to interest rates, check if the card has other associated fees, such as annual fees, foreign transaction fees, late fees, or insufficient fund fees.

These fees can significantly impact the card’s total cost and should be considered when choosing.

5. Reporting to credit agencies

Here’s where the real difference lies! Ensure that the card issuer regularly reports your payment history to credit agencies. This is crucial for building and improving your credit history over time.

If your main goal is to improve your credit, choose a card that consistently reports your credit activities. It’s not just a minor detail; all the best credit cards to build credit in Canada have this.

By considering these aspects and choosing a credit card that aligns with your financial needs and goals, you can build a solid credit history and work towards stronger financial health.

Best Credit Cards to Build Credit in Canada: our top picks

best credit cards to build credit canada
Pick one of these cards to build your credit score in Canada. Source: Canva Pro.

Now that you’ve reached the best part tell me, did you make popcorn? The show begins with the credit cards that really shine when it comes to building credit.

Neo Secured Credit Card

Why is this credit card on our list?
Easy & Guaranteed Approval

Here, we’re discussing the concept of Credit Building, which is perfect for individuals who are starting to enhance their credit score or need to elevate it.

Next, let’s delve into the aspect of security. Your deposit is securely held, and the credit limit accessible to you is predetermined. This setup is advantageous for managing your finances.

This is really for those who aim to bolster their credit standing. The Neo Secured Credit Card initiates with a release amount of $50, facilitating responsible credit score enhancement.

Expanding on this, this card equips you with tools to monitor and regulate your spending patterns. Explore each aspect in the complete review for further details.


Neo Secured Credit Card Review

The Neo Secured Credit Card accepts everyone – including you. With this credit-building tool, anything goes! Check the full review.

Home Trust Secured Visa Credit Card

Why is this credit card on our list?
A Secured Visa credit card accepted everywhere!

Just because you’re in the process of building (or rebuilding) your credit, you don’t have to settle for cards from sketchy networks. Here, you have a Visa on your side.

This means acceptability will never be an issue. You’ll make your purchases within the limit of your deposit and build your credit wherever you are.

With credit limit options of up to $10,000, the Home Trust Secured Visa Credit Card serves you and supports your purchases. And you won’t have to worry about an annual fee.

Plus, with a Zero-Liability policy, the last thing you need is to deal with fraud issues while you’re building a new reputation. Did we miss anything? The review has it all!

Home trust visa secured credit card

Home Trust Secured Visa Credit Card Review

Meet the champion among secured cards. The Home Trust Secured Visa Credit Card is here to change the game!

Koho Prepaid Mastercard

Why is this credit card on our list?
Effective personal finance management

Like the previous option, we’re also talking about a Visa. So, in addition to what we’ve already mentioned, you’ll have access to an arsenal of financial management tools.

Here, the focus is on modernity and managing your financial life. This includes access to a financial coach and free checks on your current credit score status. 

This card does not have an annual fee, and the Koho Prepaid Mastercard reports your payments and new positive transactions to Equifax credit agencies.

Our blog offers a comprehensive review for those intrigued by the Koho Prepaid Mastercard and its benefits. This card can be a pivotal tool in your financial toolkit.

koho prepaid card

Koho Prepaid Mastercard Review

A modern financial tool like the Koho Prepaid Mastercard deserves your full attention. To make everything simpler, here's our review!

Capital One Guaranteed Mastercard

Why is this credit card on our list?
Accessibility to a wide range of credit histories

The Capital One Guaranteed Mastercard is designed with financial inclusion in mind, not caring about what you did last summer. Its appeal lies in the guaranteed approval process.

This accessibility ensures that more people have the means to improve their credit scores, provided they manage their accounts wisely.

Additionally, the card comes with the backing of Capital One, which is known for its customer service and support. This is crucial for navigating the credit improvement seas.

For those intrigued by the Capital One Guaranteed Mastercard and its potential to transform your financial journey, a more detailed review awaits. Click on the following link for it!

Capital One Guaranteed Mastercard Review

Capital One Guaranteed Mastercard Review

The last door to open might be the Capital One Guaranteed Mastercard, which can certainly be your tool for rebuilding your credit

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