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Review of the Wells Fargo Reflect® credit card

How about getting to know one of the best credit cards ever? We prepared a very well-prepared Review with advantages, disadvantages and much more about the Wells Fargo Reflect Card. Keep reading!


Wells Fargo Reflect – Low fees and high rewards

Made to be a successor to the Visa Platinum, Wells Fargo Reflect credit card. This becomes one of the best currently in terms of rates, taking into account its category. In addition, we can tell you that it is one of the best balance transfer credit cards in the US market.

In addition to all these advantages, this is a credit card with incredible protection benefits and insurance for all times. If you want to know how to take advantage of your credit card, it’s time to continue reading and check everything we’ve prepared.

Wells Fargo Reflect Card

See how to apply for Wells Fargo Reflect Credit Card with amazing features!

Here’s a simple and easy tutorial and a good review of the Wells Fargo Reflect credit card. Keep reading to learn more and then learn how to apply.

Advantages of the Credit Card Wells Fargo Reflect Card

Surely you must be curious to know some of the best advantages of this credit card. Can we start talking about these benefits simply? Let’s do it:

The first benefit is that you will have personal credit cards with cell phone protection. That is, you never have to worry about unauthorized purchases, as whenever someone goes to make a purchase, you will receive a notification. Another important thing is that whenever you pay a cell phone bill with your card, you can have protection for that phone in damages of up to 600 USD, per paid cell phone.

And don’t worry about it, only 2 claims per year can be made. However, nobody has problems with their cell phone so often, right? You may even think that cell phone protection is not a big deal, but we guarantee that it can completely change the consumer experience, since cell phones are super important in our daily lives.

You’ll get amazing deals from specific merchants within the My Wells Fargo Deals website. And I know not having a rewards program is a downside, but these offers totally make up for a rewards program. The program is easy to use and very similar to Chase cards.

There have already been several offers, such as 20% off purchases on Kindle or even 5% Cashback when buying at Starbucks. They are very interesting rewards, but, of course, without any kind of miracle. In the long run, you can earn a lot from it.

Another important thing is that you will get access to all Visa branded benefits. That is, cash refund when you have any emergency. Free card replacement, travel and emergency assistance. Also, having help away from home when you need it. And, of course, assistance at all times.

One advantage that we cannot fail to mention, of course, is the fact that it is a low-cost card in relation to its category. You will be able to make balance transfer easily! Best of all, it has no annual fee, so you don’t have to worry.

Balance transfer.




Disadvantages of the Credit Card Wells Fargo Reflect Card

Like all credit cards here we also have some disadvantages. The first is that you don’t have a rewards program, as I said earlier, there are discounts at stores, but rewards for shopping don’t exist.

Along with a non-existent rewards program, you also won’t get any welcome bonus rewards using the credit card. Therefore, this may end up discouraging you, since there are several of this genre on the market.

Despite being an ideal credit card for balance transfer, still the balance transfer fee is 5%. It turns out that those 5% are often too much for people who like this type of credit card, as there are cards with lower rates on the market.

Finally, the final downside is that you will need to pay a 3% percentage on foreign currency conversion. That is, even though you have an International card, you will still have a fee to pay each time you make a purchase that is not in dollars.

Know how to request the credit card Wells Fargo Reflect Card

If you like the benefits of this credit card, it’s time to understand how you can apply online, without having to go to a branch. By clicking on the button below, you will learn in a simple and easy way how to apply for your card.

It’s time to give your finances a chance to improve, isn’t it? Take the next step and understand more!

Wells Fargo Reflect Card

See how to apply for Wells Fargo Reflect Credit Card with amazing features!

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