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See how to request the Neo Financial® Credit Card

Neo Financial is very simple to deal with. In addition to easily approving the credit card, it also offers incredible advantages. Continue reading if you want to enjoy it once and for all!


See how to apply for your Neo Financial credit card – Step by step

Previously, you managed to check out all the benefits of the Neo Financial credit card. Now it’s time to understand how you can apply completely online, without having to go to a branch. This is a credit card full of benefits and it’s definitely worth checking out how to do it.


Credit Card

Neo Financial

No deposit No Annual Fees

Apply now for this no annual fee credit card – Neo Financial.

You will be redirected to another website

In addition, we will also show you some of the main requirements so that you can apply for this credit card without any problems. This fully digital fintech allows you to make this application without the need for a lot of bureaucracy and, despite being a new company, the credit card already has incredible rewards.

Yes, the savings account has some high interest rates, but it still makes the credit card totally worth it because of the rewards. Anyway, read on to find out everything you need to know about the Neo card.

Neo Financial credit card requirements

The requirements for applying for this credit card are as simple as possible. The first one is that you are at least 18 years old. Then make sure you are a fully legalized US citizen. Finally, have all the documents requested by fintech with you.

Learn how to obtain the Neo Financial card online

Applying for that credit card is one of the easiest things out there. You will have to visit the card’s official website, which we’ll leave above. Just click on the button that we left at the beginning of the article, and you will be completely redirected to that website.

Then, it is important that you fill in the short registration form, which will be available on the website, and I also upload all documents requested by them.

For now, there is no specific credit score or income requirement for you to apply for this credit card. However, it is already known that the better your score, the more easily you will be approved.

Anyway, if you want to apply for this credit card, it’s worth taking a risk and checking whether you’ll be approved. This approval may take time, that is, you may not be approved on the same day. It can take hours or even business days. You will have to wait for them to contact you.

But is it really a good card?

Now we are going to give our final verdict to let you know if this is really a good credit card. Well, first we need to talk about fintech, we can say that they are regularly investing in new financial resources to innovate in the market.

That’s why, compared to other fintechs, yes, this one can be an excellent one to get you started and maybe even invest in a good credit card. There, you always get the best rates and also several different services that others don’t have for now.

Despite the savings account having a high interest rate, it is a very incredible savings account for coming directly with the credit card offered. In addition, there is Cashback from several partners that can make you find it even more interesting to acquire this credit card.

However, if you really want to maximize your rewards, you’ll need to spend a lot with their partners to get more Cashback. There are credit cards with many more advantages than this one in this regard. However, we can consider that it is a great credit card for those who want to start and do not have such an incredible score.

In addition, among the various advantages of this credit card are its flexibility and also the fact that it has no annual fee. Another thing we can also consider is that you absolutely do not need to make a security deposit to use the card, i.e. no upfront payments.

However, if you are still not convinced that this credit card is worth it, check out the other option that we give below.

How about trying the First Access credit card?

Another amazing credit card option is the first access Credit card. This is an excellent credit card that also doesn’t require a security deposit to get started.

The other advantages that can be incredible for you, and also has a great facility for those who do not have a good credit history. Click the button below and enjoy!

First Access Visa card

See how to apply for your First Acces Visa Card!

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