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With college coming, you must be excited. But I bet you are also worried because you can not think of a way to pay for it, because it is very expensive, and not everyone has a savings account or a family that can pay for everything. But that is the reason companies like Earnest Student Loans exist.

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Earnest Student Loans is what you call a loan company, and loan companies have one goal: help you when you most need it. And now, you need some money for college, and that is why Earnest Student Loans will provide you with the best student loans with just one click! Don’t worry anymore about how you will pay for everything, and let Earnest Student Loans help you, and, if you want to know more, keep reading.

What are the pros about Earnest Student Loans loan?

Well, you are one lucky person, since you have found Earnest Student Loans. And Earnest Student Loans is one of the best student loan companies out there, so, the qualities are amazing as well. The first one is that you will not be charged any late fees, that means that if you for some reason forget to pay, or are late in a few days for the payments, the fees that most companies charge for those mistakes, won’t be charged with Earnest Student Loans. But, if you get too comfortable and stop paying on time, don’t forget that it will affect your credit score.

The next quality is that the grace period is longer than in other companies. Grace period is a period that happens after you graduate college, and what it means is that the loan company will give you, normally, around six months to get financial stable and stat paying your loans. But with Earnest Student Loans, you will be able to get an extension of that grace period for three more months, making the final grace period nine months.

Another great quality is that you have an option to skip a monthly payment every twelve months. No, that doesn’t mean you will not pay that amount. It just means that, if you have a 24-month length loan, and you skip one month of payment, then that month will be added to the end of your loan, and the loan will be 25 months long. It is a cool feature in case that you are having problems with money that month.

4.43% to 14.90% with autopay

5.32% to 16.20% with autopay

7, 10, 12, 15 years

Min. $1,000


What are the cons of getting a loan with Earnest Student Loans?

The first con that you may realize is that Earnest Student Loans are not available in every state, only in 49 plus Washington, D.C. The one that is not available at is Nevada. So, if you are from Nevada, maybe it is best if you choose another company to apply for a student loan, since Earnest Student Loans will not be able to help you.

Another con is that you will need to go through a hard credit check to be able to apply for the loan. Why is this bad, you ask? Well, hard credit checks are done by the company, and they go deep into your credit history and all, and that ends up hurting your credit score, making it lower, that is why most people hate when companies do it.

What do I need to apply for a loan with Earnest Student Loans?

To apply for a loan with Earnest Student Loans, you will need to be pursuing a college degree, have at least a three-year credit history, an income of 35k, no bankruptcies in your credit check, be at least 18 years old, and be a US citizen.

Know how to apply for the loan

If after all the requirements the company asks are met, and you wish to apply for a loan with Earnest Student Loans, then you must definitely not miss the next article, because next, we will be teaching you how to apply for a loan with this company. So if you are interested, don’t hesitate in clicking on the link down below.

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