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This card is ideal for people who have difficulties in obtaining other credit cards with other financial institutions. See right now!

GO2bank™ Secured Visa Card: Ideal card for people who have a low credit score and may have difficulty getting other types of credit cards


Who has never faced that situation of going through a credit check when applying for a card and being afraid of being denied? Well, with this card you won’t go through that, as it is a card without mandatory credit verification. Which makes it a very accessible option for people who are starting their financial life now or are reestablishing their credit. Besides the fact that the card does not charge an annual fee, no other related fees.


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Now we are going to tell you all the benefits that you will have access to when choosing the GO2bank Secured Visa Card:

The card has a pre-approved credit limit that is considered high if we consider that it is a card with few requirements
For people who have a bad credit score the card can be a good option as the average credit score required ranges from 300 to 669 points.
On the other hand, the card is advantageous for not charging any annual fees.
Finally, the minimum deposit required is 100 USD, which makes it accessible for people who don't have a very high amount to deposit initially.

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Profile of people who might be interested in the card

In case you are wondering who the target public of this card is or which are the people who can benefit from the use of this credit card, stay with us, and we will tell you right now

GO2bank™ Secured Visa Card

See all about GO2bank™ Secured Visa Card and how to apply.

People who do not have a high credit score

First, this is a card that doesn’t require a high credit score to apply for. And that’s why it can be an excellent choice for people who are starting their financial life now or who are going through a credit score restoration.

That’s because he doesn’t do a very extensive credit check and also doesn’t require a very high score, as people who have a credit score of 300 points can apply for the card without further problems. 

People who travel a lot

traveling couple with credit card in hands
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If you travel a lot, you’ve certainly come across absurd fees when making transactions abroad, haven’t you? Therefore, this card can be a good choice for people who travel a lot and need to make a lot of international transactions.

In addition, you will also be able to make withdrawals and cash advances at ATMs. But it is important to know that these transfers are limited. And they may depend on your pre-approved credit limit.

People who have a GO2 Bank account

If you already have an active bank account at GO2bank, know that it can be very useful to have a credit card that has an agreement with the bank.

Because in addition to making it easier when using the account, you can also receive all the advantages of using your credit card. Therefore, opening a bank account at this bank can be a good option, and will also make it easier for you to be approved for your credit card.

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