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Get your first Premier Bankcard – no proof of income required!

Premier Bankcard – A real credit card accessible to everyone


Try a real credit card that lets people new to the financial market jump in! The Premier Bankcard Credit Card is a great place to start! If you are interested, just continue reading to understand more about how it works and also its advantages. We will show you a complete review of the credit card, in addition to talking about how to apply at the end.


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Want to know more benefits of applying for this credit card? Check now all the advantages we found about the Premier Bankcard card!

Perfect for people starting out in the financial market
Accepts people with lower credit scores
International Card to be used everywhere
Acceptance of several establishments on account of your brand

You will remain in the same website

What credit score is required for a Premier Bank credit card?

Before going on to see the entire credit card review, it is normal that you want to understand what score is accepted by this bank. After all, as we said above, one of its greatest benefits is the fact that it offers the possibility for people who do not have such good credit and, even so, manage to access their credit card.

Premier bankcard

See how to apply for this card, and see the review!

They don’t quote a specific score to get you accepted. However, they also say that if you want to contact the company and speak with the bankers, you can find out more about your credit score. That way, you can get more credibility with the company.

Can I withdraw money from my PREMIER credit card?

Another frequent question is due to cash withdrawals made with the PREMIER card. They can be done as long as you pay the fee that is offered. This fee is normally 36%, however, you can choose to just make your payments on your credit card if you don’t want to pay for it.

There is still an additional 5% fee on every cash advance you use on your credit card. Be aware that this fee is usually not charged per transaction, but charged each time you use the card for that purpose.

Does a PREMIER Bankcard increase your credit limit?

As this credit card is made for people who are necessarily starting in the financial market, we know that a curiosity is whether it increases the credit limit.

Within this requirement, it supplies its customers very well, since it does manage to improve the way you have credibility in the financial market over time. As for the limit of the credit card itself, it is possible to apply to increase the limit.

However, people who apply to increase the limit with their credit card can pay a very high fee. Currently, this fee is 25% of the credit limit increase amount. This can be a disadvantage, but it can also be an advantage as it opens doors to credit.

Every time you are approved with a new limit, this fee may apply. However, if you really need to request a limit increase, we think it’s worth it. There are also things you need to know about your credit card, but for that you need to click through to the next page.

If this card doesn’t meet your needs, try Credit One Bank Platinum Visa

Sometimes it happens that a credit card is not perfect for us, and that’s okay. That’s why we have a lot of different options for you here on the blog that will make you amazed at the many things you can try in the financial market.

Just click the button below, so you can find out everything about this credit card and also how to apply, as well as see the pros and cons.

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